We create simple & timeless designs with a pinch of the unexpected



Lagom is a branding and design studio located in Detroit, MI. We collaborate with our clients to create bespoke brand identities and develop unique brand experiences. From brand identity and messaging to web design and marketing, we turn every corner with you. Together, we elevate your brand awareness, client trust, brand loyalty and most importantly, revenue.

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Madeline Broderick (coming soon)

Branding, Messaging, Squarespace Web Design

The Perfect Card Box

Creative Direction, Branding, Messaging, Shopify Web Design

Piera’s bridal couture

Branding, Messaging, Squarespace Web Design

Tiffany rogers

Branding, Squarespace Web Design


Behind the Name

lagom (lah-gom)

Not too much, not too little, balance, just the right amount.



Lagom är bäst, it’s a common Swedish phrase meaning just enough is best. Maybe you’ve already noticed, but our design style is heavily influenced by the concept of lagom and Scandinavian aesthetic. The beautiful thing about lagom? Just enough looks different for everyone.