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Design with a mindset of balance

A thoughtful design studio

that embraces white space and believes that just enough is best. We believe in simple + timeless design, with a pinch of the unexpected. we are visual story tellers, who couldn't agree more with georgia o'keefe, "i found i could say things with color and shapes that i couldn't say any other way - things i had no words for."



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This is the very core of your business. Let's get you a brand that has life, one that tells your story and attracts your ideal clients without saying a word.


mooboards, custom logo, font & color pairings, branding kit


The fastest way to make an impression on your current and future clients. Literally, the click of a button or nowadays the scroll of a thumb. (pinky tucked)


website design, ecommerce, sociAL media, email design


You may have heard print is dead, we BEG to differ. In a world full of screens, nothing stands out more than feeling the weight of paper in your hands. 


Collateral, media kits, editorial design, packaging



I love what I do and the brands I create! Is that vain? Maybe. But it's true! I would love nothing more than to continue to support you with graphics, collateral and website maintenance. Drop me a line for more details!


Making a Difference With Design

A portion of each project is donated to SpringHill Camps, a Christian camp and retreat located in Michigan and Indiana. I hold this place very near and dear to my heart as it is the place where I accepted Christ into my heart. But don't get me wrong, it's not a boring ole Christian camp. This is also the place where I rode my first horse, shot my first bow and arrow, made my first candle and climbed my first rock wall. To say this was my favorite week of summer is a serious understatement. 

Throwback to circa 1999, a younger Morgan takes what could have been her first ever selfie at camp. Flash forward to 2017 and these kids are still enjoying the best week of their summer totally unplugged and outside ALL DAY. Yep, it's the best place ever.

It brings me so much joy to support Springhill Scholarships so other kids can experience this incredible place. Wanna see what I'm so hyped up about? Check out their site HERE.



Let me teach you another Swedish word: Fika. Fika is to have a break, often with coffee and cake. You can do it alone, or with a group of family and friends, all that matters is that you take a moment to sit and slow down. And you know what? I would love nothing more than to enjoy fika with you. If you call Indianapolis home, I mean that quite literally. Otherwise, a virtual fika will do!

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